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We are a community dedicated to entertainment, education, motivation, inspiration, discovery, charitable giving, and rewards, all designed to enhance your enjoyment of life.

As a member of our community, you'll enjoy everything from inspirational quotes, to hilarious observations, to motivational prose. Unlike any other online experience, Life Answers Back offers a quiet place to dream, think, get lost in beauty, and share your ideas with others. Our site is easy to use, with new content added weekly. You'll find love quotes to help you with the toast at your sister's wedding, personalized Life cards to brighten a distant friend's day, and an extensive library of carefully selected content that will ensure your every visit is a memorable one.

Life Answers Back comes to you from Bozeman, Montana, home of Montana State University. We appreciate the help of MSU students in researching and writing content for the site. Our Life's Wisdom section contains content collected over the last 20 years. It is one of the most unique collection of its kind to be found anywhere.

While our staff researches, collects and contributes most of the content, we recognize that as we grow, much of our future content will come from you, our members. In order to make sure you are adequately rewarded for your contributions, we provide cash prizes, contributions to charity, and college scholarships.

Our founder, Dan Klusmann, said he wanted the Life Answers Back site to be different and better than other Websites. Thus you will not see advertising or annoying pop-ups. We do not collect or sell member information. The site was designed to be quick to load, easy to navigate, and a joy to be a part of.


We believe that storytelling is the fabric of life.
And that we should always be asking the questions, Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

We believe that charitable acts can change the world.
One generous, compassionate, act at a time.

We believe in connection: with people, with places, with purpose.
Having the courage to search out the essence of life is the only way to live.

We believe stories are worth swapping and that opportunities abound.
Always keep an open eye and a welcoming heart.

We believe that great things happen every day.
Each and every day on this wild and wonderful ride we call life.

We believe, that Life Answers Back.
...Are you listening?